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Lovely Morning❤

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Thank the King 感谢國王1
Kiss in cam ^^ 凸轮中的嗨11
Slap ass 1 time ❤ 拍打屁股1次20
sweetheart >...< 甜心21
Give a chocolate bar >.< 給一根巧克35
❤ I want a cuddle ❤ 擁抱我39
❤ Show feet ❤ 看脚44
Ahegao >...< 有趣的高潮脸49
Bunny Ears 用手做免子耳朵55
Tease with belly xD 愛玩肚子66
Tease with ass 爱抚屁股77
Song request ^^ 点歌88
Hand in panties >////< 手放進內褲99
Take off skirt >...< 职下主描裙111
Spank ass 5 times *evil* 打屁股5下121
❤ To present flowers ❤ 秀花131
Play with tongue :P 舔手指141
Ponytail ^^ 綁馬尾151
❤Nipples Play❤ 玩乳頭177
❤ Take off bra ❤ 脱掉內衣199
Nipples Clamps 夹 or oil 乳夾或油胸333
❤ Take off top ❤ 脱掉上衣444
I like you... 喜歡你555
Toy control 10 min 控制玩具10分鐘999
I'm in charge here! 這由我控制1111
Take off panties :P 脱光褲子1234
Skype alone 90 minutes 兄弟与主桥11111
Day off plus some pic from me22222
❤❤❤Make a wedding proposal❤❤❤55555
I want to fulfill your dream99999

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